Break of day – new morning, new creativity.

Sunrise in Pagak, Upper Nile

As soon as I read Kate Motuang’s prompt for fiveminutefriday the song ‘Morning has broken’ started in my spirit.

I found the music in Mum’s piano stool when I was clearing her house. My niece played the guitar version at Mum’s funeral, and I now play the old sheet music on the piano. If you do not know it here is a link to the Cat Stevens version. Morning has Broken

I love the line ‘sprung in completeness where His feet pass.’ It reminds me of the creation of Morning and Evening on the First Day in Genesis chapter 1.

On mission in South Sudan morning comes quickly. I wake in darkness, make my way by torchlight to a small enclosure and take a ‘ ‘shower’ in a bowl of water. The air is soft, the water refreshingly cold. The sky lightens to a pearl grey as I wash, head protruding over the top of the enclosure. A rose tint suffuses the horizon. I dress, the sun is up, touching the roofs of the mud huts with gold. Tea comes in a large flask, goats appear, hoping for crumbs from the fresh baked bread. My colleagues assemble and we have devotions before breaking our fast.

The one whose body was broken for us, walks among us, a new morning springs up, where his feet pass.

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      2. I have had several comments so I am not sure how this happened. I will take a careful look at at the url next time I post. Very sorry!

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