Childlike anticipation

Expectation! What a great word for this time of year when so many hopes and fears are pinned on a single day, and the waiting can seem long and ardous.

Mother Claus’s kitchen in Lapland

My husband and I rose early this morning to see our grandchildren and their parents off to ‘Lapland’, not the real thing but a spray coated pine forest. The children have been excited since a letter arrived from Santa Claus with their tickets. My grandson told me excitedly that he would help the elves make toys and be allowed to keep one! My granddaughter was looking forward to cooking with Mother Claus. Their anticipation was simple and straightforward. Photos winging their way to our phones since show their happy faces.

What do we expect in this Advent season? Mary’s family knew the ancient prophecies, songs and writings of a future event, a Messiah, a saviour. They and their ancestors waited hundreds of years. Mary knew in the time would come but she did not expect it to be now, to her. Yet in childlike faith she responded ‘Be it unto me according to your word.’

My grandchildren had no doubt about going through the elfin door and finding Mother Claus. Do we have faith to knock on the door of people’s hearts, peer through the window of their souls, and share the comfort of salvation? In the spirit of the baby in a manger, who grew up to be our Saviour anything is possible.

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4 thoughts on “Childlike anticipation

  1. Love this post, and reading about your grandchildren’s adventure.
    Thought provoking message as well.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thank you, Sandra. Some of my knocks on doord have been answered this week. Others not. You never know when the window of someone’s soul will open, but it is precious when it happens.


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