Man or woman proposes, God disposes!

The New Year has come and all my resolves are tumbling over as I struggle to fulfil them

  • Rule out the chocolate biscuits
  • Pick up the French course
  • Continue with the novel
  • Increase my fitness
  • Respond to the weekly fiveminutefriday prompt.
Frosted moss on the bench in the park

After weeks of grey clouds and drizzle the air is sunlit and sparkling today, turning humble objects into jewels, a frosted bench edged with moss, a car windscreen patterned with icy fleur de lys, dogwood stems fiery red against the sun dappled fence.

There is a promise of growth, a vibration of life, in the air. New things spring up and the world looks different.

We may determine to do many things in the dormant days of winter but in the stark clear light, what the Creator has purposed for our lives is what counts. I have learned, over the years, that it is not always what you might expect, as this week’s heading, taken from Proverbs 19 reminds us.

Wishing you an exciting and fulfilling New Year, safe in His plans.

6 thoughts on “Man or woman proposes, God disposes!

  1. I’m sad to here it has been a struggle, but so glad for new life springing up, “There is a promise of growth, a vibration of life, in the air. New things spring up and the world looks different.”


    1. Thank you, Lisa, for the first time since Christmas I’m having a ‘normal’ Saturday. I’m enjoying the snowdrops coming up and the blutits on the bird feeder.


  2. Yes many are mans plans but it is Gods plans that will prevail!! From FMF.
    I too have determined to do a lot this winter but my body has craved rest

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  3. Belay the chocolate biscuits?
    Oh, no, that can’t true!
    Consider what the risk is,
    what that might do to you,
    for chocolate is the food of kings
    and queens and rock stars cool;
    to quit my bring down awful things,
    reproach and ridicule
    and leave your sad heart sore bereft,
    furrowing your brow,
    to stand outside life’s warp and weft…
    and what about the cow
    who with others of her ilk
    gave her all for chocolate milk?


    1. Thank you so much, Andrew. Very amusing. It’s nearly time for a pot of tea here – I will think about the cow and Howard and I will enjoy a milk chocolate biscuit!


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