Out of the depths

It is the brash leader, with all the answers, who folds their arms in complacency, who is most in need of recovery from trauma. In South Sudan, it is not poverty that is the biggest problem though that shocks us, but the sealed down emotion that prevents people from moving on, and the anger that accompanies the effort of keeping the pain of conflict and loss suppressed. Psalm 130 offers all redemption and hope. … More Out of the depths


If in doubt keep going

The word ‘doubt’ gives me an uncomfortable feeling, ‘d’ and ‘b’ look like clubs, with a ‘t’ at the end to trip you up, and an ‘ou'(w) in the middle. Doubt and Fear are chains that wrap around our ankles and keep us rooted to the spot. If we are Christians can take authority over them in the name of Jesus, break them off and step out in faith.
When the waves sweep in, cross out the ‘UBT’ and just DO. … More If in doubt keep going

What a gift!

We can change the script of our lives. We do not have to accept everything that happens to us. We have agency and can make the world a better place but only if our hearts are full of love. … More What a gift!

Silent witness

A ‘donkey’ in the local Nativity play reminded me of a patient beast waiting to unload water, outside the hall where I was working in South Sudan. We cannot know what the donkey saw when an unborn child was carried to Bethlehem but something momentous happened that has echoed down the centuries and in the words of Mary, filled the hungry with good things, and sent the rich away empty.
More Silent witness

Jumping for Joy

My local community choir are rehearsing pieces from Handel’s Messiah for a Christmas concert next week but I have been in South Sudan for the first two weeks of November, living in warm temperatures and bright sunny skies but with limited access to water and electricity. It has been very different! … More Jumping for Joy

Silent testimony

Two plays The Crucible by Arthur Miller, and We Make Our Mark by Journeyman Theatre and All Together in Dignity ATD Fourth World raise uncomfortable questions about ‘testimony’. Our times dictate the testimonies we record, and whose voice we give weight to, but all voices are of immense value. … More Silent testimony