Talks and events

I coordinate an Aspiring Writers group, held second Tuesday of each month for writers on the Surrey/Berkshire/Hampshire borders. Please go to the Association of Christian Writers to join.

Ezo, South Sudan

Contact me on the email link at the bottom of this page for talks and family activities on:
1. Peace and Reconciliation in South Sudan

2. All Together in Dignity – families in poverty

I also offer two follow-up talks:

  • Peace and Reconciliation with Refugees
  • What the Bible says about poverty

I fell in love with Africa in the 1970s when I spent nine months in a Harambee school in Kenya built and resourced by the local community with help from overseas volunteers.

I have returned ever since through visits, reading, and writing. Short term missions with a peace and reconciliation charity working with the Episcopal Church of South Sudan have given me an insight into the ordinary lives of the people , and the hardships they face. I love reading about Africa. You can follow me on Goodreads.

I often join the fiveminutefriday blog linkup. It is a good way to practise writing skills in a supportive group. Join at

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